Deepology is an independent record label from Moscow founded in early 2007
by Dj Electric and Dj One.

Konstantin Lyubimov (Dj Electric) — renowned dj & producer with 20+ years of experience also known to public as a member of Luckystars & Koala bands.

Alexander Dovnar (One) —
art-director & dj, author of the world's first multimedia virtual DJ-school.

The music that the guys have been releasing on their label for the second decade they themselves define as 'quality deep electronics'.

Through the past years Deepology gained a reputation of one of the best Russian labels abroad with lots of quality releases supported and played all over the globe. The label is constantly expanding it's artist roster. Some of the people of which are Cossway, Nixxie, Adam Antine, Acos CoolKAs, Seva K to name but a few.
more than 70 musicians, many of whom were literally conceived in close collaboration with the label
more than 500 tracks on digital & physical medium released; two sister-labels - Aquamarine Digital
& Body Parts records
Deepology's mission is to promote elite musical culture, avoiding bringing it to the mainstream.
Deepology' path in music is in perceiving, extracting and conservation of the deep and natural sound of music.

Not being framed by style definitions — from deep
to electro, from disco to techno.
In Love with Deepology Radioshow
The label's radio-show currently has more than 150 episodes with an on-air network in the FM band of 15 countries of the world as well as on Internet. Residencies at Proton Radio, Ibiza Sonica, Kiss FM, Pulse Radio, Club FM & Megapolis.

The format of the show is two hours of non-commercial deep electronics, a trend started by Deepology. The guests of the show at different times were such artists as Martin Buttrich, Alex Niggemann, Mihai Popoviciu, Shur-I-Kan, Matthias Vogt, Nima Gorji, Magician On Duty and many others.
In Love with Deepology parties can be found in various locations. Worthy of mention are the legendary annual residences in the clubs Paparazzi Bar and MIO in Moscow.
Any events hosted by the label are always accompanied by something special for the visitor - be it an unusual guest, free merch or giveaway of promo copies of releases or exclusive mixes.
A series of Deep In The City parties dedicated to presentations of CD compilations of the same name stands apart. The first issue is dedicated to Moscow - the city where our label lives, creates and explores the world. For the second release, we chose Amsterdam, a city that constantly attracts people from all over the world, a living embodiment of freedom and dreams, living in a slow, relaxed rhythm, revealing its secrets to those who are ready to become the same in return.
In 2018, for the first time, the guys combined music and art, thereby launching a new format of events - art parties, which have now become the hallmark of the label and set a new trend in culture.
Learn more about the label and its activities, listen to releases and radio shows.
Fragmented Beats
As a result of many years of collecting vinyl records in the genres of downtempo, trip-hop and broken beat, Fragmented Beats appears in 2023 - a project in which Electric and One take a special approach to music compilation, mixing old and contemporary records in a relevant, timeless sound.

Video sessions are recorded in different locations to create a unique audio-visual experience.
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